Technology: The Platform to Build On

Technology provides the platform for extending our clients competitive advantage. Whatever your needs — project management, application development, or system analysis — identifying the right technique, recognizing it’s advantage and understanding how to effectively use it comes from experience.

Architecture & Design

  • UML, Design Patterns, Use Cases
  • Object Oriented Design & Development
  • Feature Driven Development
  • Iterative Development

Application Development

  • Java, C++, C, PHP, Python, Objective-C
  • HTML, CSS, XML, Web Services
  • DHTMLX, ExtJS, Swing
  • JSP/Servlet, AJAX

Embedded Systems

  • TI TivaWare/Stellaris, VxWorks/Tornado, OSE
  • MontaVista Linux, uClinux, Rasparian
  • TI ARM TM4C, MSP430, PPC, 8051, Raspberry Pi
  • Zebra & Datamax printer languages

Open Source

  • Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Cygwin
  • Apache — Ant, HTTP Server, Axis
  • JBoss, Tomcat
  • Netbeans, Eclipse


  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle
  • MS Access, Watcom, ISAM
  • O/R Mapping, Hibernate, JDO

Wireless & Telecom

  • Android, iOS, Wavecom Open AT
  • Bluetooth, Bluetooth 4.0, BTLE, Zigbee / Bitcloud
  • GPS, NMEA, SiRF, Trimble, uBlox